Saturday, 6 August 2011


This is my very first attempt at altered art. I went along to Tilly's Craft shop and saw the chipboard frame that was in the sale. I then saw the lovely backing paper and knew I could only use it for someone very special. So began the beginning of the frame.

This is for a very special person Robyn who has become such a wonderful person in my life. We have never actually met as she lives in Michigan USA, but Jane and I are planning on visiting soon. We are so close now it is like we have known each other forever. We are now sister from different mother's .

The verse is from the "verse for you" website and it says everything.

A very big thank you to Denise & Jane for your help & advise.

Happy Birthday Robyn, didn't mean to make you cry..........honest

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Monday, 23 May 2011


Well it is ages since I updated my blog. I just don't know were the time has gone. I have spent a lovely weekend in London for my niece Catherine's 30th Birthday. It was a black tie party, so needed a new dress for for the occasion. I enjoyed shopping for a new dress now I have lost lots of weight, and felt really good on the night. It was lovely to meet up with all my nieces and nephew's who I don't see as often as I would like to, and Catherine and Eoin now live in Sweden. I can feel a visit coming on as Catherine has tempted me telling me there is a very large craft store just a few blocks away. I was totally spoilt for the whole weekend.

The card above was made for my friend for her new grandson. Thank you to Anne Tate for the loan of the stamp, which was stamped ages ago, and painted by Jane.

Sorry it's a short blog but will be back soon.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I have had such a lovely day today I thought I would share it with you. Firstly one of my closest friends Julie has moved into the flat opposite me today. Julie was my neighbour many years ago when my daughter and her daughter were small, we have been in touch over the years but have got close again now which is so nice. We were joking the other day that in the summer we used to be in the gardens with the paddling pools out, now they are grown up we can sit out with a bottle of wine now sounds so much fun.

Some other friends Jaime & Jason were helping her move so I looked after their daughter Tiagan. I was really looking forward to this, I was up early cutting lots of different things out on the big shot, pictures, did lots of flowers, animals, glue and other messy bits. I am not sure who had the most fun me or Tiagan. The picture above is of me and Tiagan. I have now been invited by Tiagan to her house to paint but only if I am good she said. Thank you Tiagan for a lovely day, you made some lovely pictures. One of the sweetest things she said was can I call you auntie raine, when I said of course you can she said and you can call me Tiagan, so sweet.

I even managed an appointment at the dentist and a flying visit to Grimsby Crafts. So think I need an early night got a day out with my special friend Jane tomorrow and a party tomorrow night. Such a busy life.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Sunday, 10 April 2011


These are just 2 of the cards I have made today, I have got another one to photograph but I am wait for the glitter to dry. In the card above I have used a decoupage sheet from Craft Creation which I have had ages. The backing paper was pink bazzil (grimsby crafts) and the vellum is beautiful it is glittered and really stands out. (hobby house) The flowers were made from the left over bits of vellum and bazzil.

Once again I have had the book of tricks board out again. Not used it in ages then twice within a month. I had been looking at this finished card for ages and just knew it needed something else, so a quick trip to Jane's to get another perspective and yes Jane decided it needed flowers so as you can see that's what finished it off. Jane even provided the flower's as we are waiting for our order to be delivered from Wild Orchid Crafts.

Well as I said it has been a busy day but with doing lots of different things. I have helped my special friend Julie move some things into her new flat, we are now neighbours, although I couldn't help much I provided the car to transport items. Looking forward to all the wine/vodka nights and not far to stagger home. I have also cleaned my craft room ready to start again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 9 April 2011


This card is for a friend of mine who's son is getting married at the end of the month. The topper is a lilli of the valley one, I am loving the lilli of the valley things at the moment. The backing paper is gorgeous it is embossed and glittered, i love it, I bought it from the Hobby House, must go and buy some more hahaha. Now to the flower, my very special friend Jane gave me a demonstration on how to make this. The flower idea was from the Magnolia Book. The flower is made of layers of tissue paper then cut out with the circle nestability, I have put a brad in the middle to hold them all together. Then sprayed the flower with water and when dry scrunched it up and added some stickles.

Yesterday I had a lovely day spent with Jane, I am going to London at the end of the month to my niece's 30th party, as it is a black tie party I needed something to wear. I don't do long dresses rather have leggings/t shirt or jeans. Anyway had a dress rehearsal with Jane and feel so much better about the outfit now.

We later went for a drive to Tilly's craft shop in Immingham and bought lots of lovely papers and other items. Both Jane and I were amazed that the prices were so low. I can highly recommend a trip to this craft shop.

I will hopefully be back later with some more cards as i have got a busy day in the craft room. Craft and loud music (Nickleback) fabulous day.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I really enjoyed making this card. It has been a long time since I have used my embossing boards from the Glitter Girls.

I have used the book of tricks board and used gold mirri card for the base, then pale lilac pearl card (Grimsby Crafts) and then cream pearl paper and acetate from my stock. I cut a heart out with the sizzex heart frame and filled it with cream flowers from my stock. I just added some leaves and pearls to finish it off. I just need to make a box for it to go in.

In previous blogs I have said my shelving kept falling down, well before I went into hospital I had got some more but never got round to putting them up. As a surprise whilst in hospital Jason, Jaime & Julie put them up for me, thanks so much I am really grateful and it was a lovely surprise. There was plenty more room on them when I first saw them well I am now filling them up very quickly, and my lovely tidy/clean craft room is now a mess.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Friday, 11 March 2011




Just wanted to share this for all the people who have MS.

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Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Just a quick blog just to say I am now out of hospital after a 9 day stay. I would like to thank everyone for all the cards, gifts, text messages, emails they are all very much appreciated. Thank you to all my family and friends for all the visits for making the stay that much easier.

I am not going to name individuals as I am sure I would miss someone out, but I am sure you all know who you are. I would like to say a special thank you to my Mum, Dad and daughter Lisa you have all been so caring and supportive through this difficult time. I love you all very much, and now hope things can get better.

This experience has taught me a lot and I did carefully think about it before putting it on my blog, and I hope others can benefit from it. A special friend had to give me a good talking to/telling me off, for me to listen, so here goes.

A while ago someone wrote some very nasty and vindictive things about me, saying I was attention seeking and more able than I made out. So when I started becoming ill I was ignoring it and what my friends were telling me as subconsciously those words had stuck in my mind and I didn't want to appear to be attention seeking. As I became more ill and my friends were begging me to do something about it I was just ignoring the fact that I was ill.

Then a very close friend who I trust came and gave me some home truths as to why was I listening to people who don't matter in my life and are insignificant and not listening to my true friends who care about me and were very worried about me. After a lot of tears and hugs I finally agreed to see a doctor and receive some treatment. As most of my close friends already know this was to late the relapse had been left to long and treatment wouldn't be effective, so I have just got to ride it out and keep taking painkillers.

I know it has been a tough time for my family especially my daughter and my close friends and I apologise for not listening to you all earlier.

Well I had a lot of time to think in hospital and I now feel it is time to put this all behind me and move on, it has been a difficult time and I hope people realise that sometime things that are written or said can be very hurtful and destroy lives. I will not return to it again but felt I had to write it down and move on.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


As most of you will know I haven't been well for a while now, it slowly getting worse. Well last Friday my lovely friend Jane came round armed with buns, crisps and a lovely cake as well as with Easter stamps. Jane thought a day crafting would help take my mind of the pain and illness. We painted and stamped and of course laughed, all the old joke of rabbits came out again. I don't know how Jane does it but she the the ability to make you laugh however you are feeling, which is a good tonic.

I cannot take credit for the card as Jane did most of it but wanted to share it with you as Friday was a special day. Oh and we did end up spending money buying craft item off the Internet, so even staying in is not saving money.

Another quick thank you to Sue for the lovely phone call this afternoon it was much appreciated and getting me motivated with putting the cards on the blog. Well I am sure you will be pleased to hear that is the last blog of the afternoon. My other lovely friend Julie is popping round.

I am not sure when I will be able to blog again but hopefully it wont be to long now I have accepted I am in need of some treatment.

Thanks for all the wishes.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx


This card is for the beautiful Tiagan who will be 3 this week. I have used a Magnolia stamp for the girl and the cup cake, the cup cake is one I had stamped ages (thanks to Lynda Dolby) for lending the stamp, it's been in my stash for ages. I have used distress inks for the painting and sat the girl on the cupcake. The papers I have had ages and am try hard to use up.

Tiagan loves cooking and baking and she goes with her mummy & daddy to cooking groups in the week. They all make the most beautiful cup cakes. They are to die for.

Sorry I will miss your party sweetie, but save me a hug and I will see you very soon. Have a fantastic day.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx


This is for my other grandson Caden who I cannot believe will be 6 on the 17th of March. Anyone who knows Caden will know this card has all his favourite things on. He loves ice lollies, ice cream cup cakes/ french fancies and computer games. The backing paper I bought last year with Caden in mind it is from Tillys Craft Shop in Immingam, again the topper is from Lilli of the Vally cut on the nestabilities. I am sure he will love it.

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he gave me a very long list I am sure it was nearly the Argos catalogue but right at the bottom of the list was a 10p mixed bag of sweets from his favourite corner shop, which I am sure he would really love. He will have to visit his best friend Jane in her shop for some sweets, which he does on the way home from school if she is working.

Happy Birthday Caden love you x

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx


I have got 4 cards to share but I am doing them as separate blogs as not sure how much time I have to blog. I am sorry about the photo's quality but my hands are not good at the moment.

This card is for my lovely Grandson Keenan who's birthday is next week and will be 10. He is a big Liverpool supporter so I have made the card in Liverpool colors. The topper is from lilli of the valley and been cut with nestabilities. The football ribbon I have had ages and that is the piece I had left. I have also used some football rub on's that I found. Keenan plays football for a local team and they are top of the league at the moment and I am so proud of him as he is the top scorer of the team. Have a lovely birthday Keenan. I love you loads.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I popped into Grimsby Crafts today and was given the following invitation. Lynn has given me permission to put on my blog and face book.

Hostess: Grimsby Crafts

Date: Sunday 6th March 2011

Time: 10am till 4pm

Location: Grimsby Crafts, Littlecoates Rd, Grimsby.

If you want any further information please contact Lynn on 01472 277724

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Monday, 21 February 2011


The card above is for one of my friends to give to her mum for Mother's Day. I have used a Kanban decoupage, from Grimsby Crafts. I have used the backing paper from a pad from the Do Crafts range, all finished off with flower, charm & ribbon.

The second card is also from the Kanban range and one I have had for ages I just found them when I was doing some long awaited cleaning/tidying in my craft room. So I am now using them up now. I seem to have been using lots of things from my stock but it never seems to go down.

As I said in the title last week was a very mixed up week for me. Saturday evening I was taken to hospital with severe pain and several other things going on. As a result of this was sent to see my neurologist in Hull on Thursday for an emergency appointment. On the positive side I hadn't had a small stroke as at first thought but that my MS is getting more severe and not going to get any better than it is at the moment. It is something I will just have to learn to cope with in my own way.

I realised I had some very good and caring friends. Julie was a star on Saturday night at the hospital with me, Jane for coming with me for the appointment in Hull, you made a difficult day so much easier. Stuart for all your support and caring and for being there with the hugs when I have needed you most over the last 8 months, you are best Stuart. To everyone else who has shown support and caring thank you too. Everything over the past few weeks has made me stop and and take stock of my life and realise what is important in life. Live for the moment, let the bad things go and embrace all the good things in your life. I sure am going to.

To finish on a lighter the card that I posted earlier for Alexis she absolutely loved it, her Nanna said she jumped up and down so excited to get a card from England that she feel over.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 5 February 2011


This is the card I made for a very special little girl. As I have said in earlier blogs I have made a very special friend Robyn who lives in Michigan USA and we have become more like sisters over the months. This card is for her granddaughter Alexis who was 7 yesterday. Alexis also loves to make cards and is sending me some pictures of some she has made. I am now know to Alexis as Aunt Rainy from the UK, how sweet is that, thank you Alexis, and hope you had a very special day yesterday and enjoy your birthday surprise from Aunt Amber & Uncle Matt.

The image is on of the Magnolia range and painted with distress inks. I love the backing paper it is so girly think I need to buy some more of that. It is from The Hobby House. All finished off with flower and charm.

I stamped another image and popped the paper and other bits in the envelop so Alexis could make the card as well.

I am having a lazy day today with Ieasha. I picked her up this morning and have spent the day together before she goes to her friends sleepover birthday party. Good luck Jaime & Jason all those teenagers sleeping over.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, be back next week.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I have had a busy day today. I have made 6 cards, but some were quick and easy. The card above was made for my lovely friend Stephen to give to his mum, whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday Mary. As it was a last minute order I used a dufex lady and matted it on nestabilities added a bow. The cream embossed card is from The Paper Mill shop which I have had for ages. It is all finished off with a flower and a charm.

The second card is for me to give to a friend's daughter. I have stamped a Whiff of Joy image it have been painted with distress inks. It is one I did ages ago and just never got round to making up. I have also matted it onto nestabilities.

Today has been a busy day, apart from making cards I have done some housework and visited my good friends Jaimie , Jason and the adorable Teigan, whio invited me to her 3rd birthday party which I shall really look forward to.

Tomorrow I going out for lunch with mum, dad and my daughter Lisa which I am really looking forward too.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


This card is for my mum to give to her great granddaughter Lilli Mai. She will be 7 on her birthday how the years fly. I have used 1 of the new Lilli Of The Vally Toppers I am loving these at the moment and they have a really good range. I have used backing paper out of my stash and matted and layered the image using the nestabilities. I have finished it of with a bow, flower made out of the left over bits of paper and a ballet dance charm which has been in my box for ages, think it is from the Hobby House.

When I saw this image it took me back to the years when my daughter was little and she used to love clomping about in my high heels and then her daughter Ieasha doing the same, most little girls love the high heels and being grown up. Cannot remember how many heels Lisa snapped off doing this, but remember she did manage to snap the heel off my favourite pair which I didn't know she had found.

I am not sure if I will be posting anymore cards this week seem to have a busy week and I have got Caden on Sunday so I am sure I will be back with some of his famous words/quotes. I love spending time with my Grandchildren, special times.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Monday, 10 January 2011


I just wanted to share this quote that was written by my very dear friend Robyn. I have never met Robyn face to face but she has become very special to me in the way some people do, like you have always known them. We have become more like sister's which is wonderful. Robyn lives in USA and our one promise to each other is that we are going to meet and sit and chat over a coffee, don't think we will stop for days. I do have Robyns permission to post this here. Thank you Robyn.

Life is like a book........You are the author and everyday is a new page. If people in your life are turning it into a soap opera, write them out of your next chapter. Sometimes, characters can be written back into the story and sometimes they are gone from the story for good.

I will be back in the craft room tomorrow so will be back to posting cards.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 6 January 2011


I made this card last night, really wanted to get back into doing some stamping and painting and also play with my goodies I bought on Tuesday.

The image is "Flower Girl" from the Sugar Nellie Stamps, from Grimsby Crafts, I have painted the image with distress inks and used to glitter. I also bought the Marianne frame from Grimsby Crafts and have used both sizes of it to create the boarder, and put some pearls around it. The backing Paper's and pearls were from my stash, I just had enough to do the card and make the flower. It is finished off with ribbon & bow which was on one of the gift packs I got for Christmas, and still plenty left to do some more.

Can I take this opportunity to wish Lynn who has bought Grimsby Crafts on Littlecoats Road every success with her new business. After chatting we realised we knew each other and had mutual friends from our other working lives. It was nice to catch up, and loving all the new stock you are getting in. It is well worth a visit.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 1 January 2011


I have made this 1st birthday card for my neighbour to give to her nephew. I have used a Lilli of the valley topper and shaped the image with my nestabilities. I have matted and layered on dark blue bassil and gingham paper (from the hobby house) I have finished off with a ribbon, flower & charm.

I am really looking forward to crafting in 2011 I think there will be lots of new ideas and changes though out the year. All in all this can only be exciting.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx