Monday, 30 August 2010


This is my first Christmas card, so come on Jane get started. While we were out on Friday we saw these small easel cards on display at the Hobby House, so I thought I would have a play and here is the finished result just a quick and easy card.

I thought they would be an ideal size to use up all the small bits and pieces that you have left over and believe me I have loads.

Well just a short post tonight got lots of ironing to tackle.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

Saturday, 28 August 2010


This is the second image on the sheet of the Forever Friends Wedding. I have made this for a friend who is getting married in September.

The wedding has got a butterfly theme so I have put a butterfly charm in the corner. I have made a box and decorated it with butterflies.

I had a lovely day yesterday. I spent the day with Jane we went shopping, had lunch and lots of laughs, a real girly day. These days are special and very enjoyable.

Tomorrow I am going to have another day crafting, then going swimming in the early evening as part of my keep fit regime. I love being in the pool I feel I can move without any restrictions although do have to watch my limits.

Sorry it's a short post.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

Thursday, 26 August 2010


As promised last night I have got two cards to share with you today. The first card is one I made for my friend. This card looks really pretty in real life. I just love the pale pinks and the image. I haven't put any charm's on just a bow and on the tag I have put the girls name.

This second card is for the same little girl. I have used an image kindly lent to me by Janet, and the painting was done by Jane who helped me out when I was really busy. Thank you to you both. I have used bits of backing paper that was left over from a larger sheet. I have added a charm and a flower just to finish it off.

I feel like I have had a very creative morning making these two card and a cake. I am trying really hard to get to my target with my diet and have not got far to go.
The cake I have made is a strawberry roulade and is really yummy. The good news is you can eat the whole cake on the slimming world diet as it it only 1/2 a synn in the cake. I haven't managed to eat a whole cake to myself yet lol.

I just want to share something which my grandson Keenan said to me last week. WE were at Pleasure Island and he said "Nanna you are the coolest Nanna ever", when I asked why, he said "because you have a computer, go on facebook, have the best mobile ever wear jeans. Thank you for that Keenan you made me feel fantastic, love you.

Well better get back to crafting whilst still got ideas buzzing round in my head.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I am sorry that I haven't got any cards to share tonight. I did have two to put on but accidentally deleted them from my camera and had already sent them.

The 1st one was one I made for Catherine & Eoin to thank them for the lovely time I had in London. I had found a print on a Joanna Sheen disc of the London Eye which was very appropriate. I did the background papers in dark and pale blue and add some flowers, which I had brought from a craft shop in London.

The second card was one I had made for my special friend Jane whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday Jane. Hope you have had a lovely day. I wanted to put some lovely flowers on that I had brought specially for the card, but I have lost them somewhere in my craft room. How you can lose a big box of flowers I will never know.

Also want to wish Ernie a very happy birthday too.

I have got lots of things going on at the minute some hopefully very exciting and will update you all as they take shape and start happening, which will hopefully be very soon.

I am hopefully going to have a full day in my craft room tomorrow so should have some cards to share with you then.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Just a quick blog, but I wanted to share that I have had a lovely day today at Pleasure Island. I took 2 of my grandchildren Ieasha& Keenan, Ieasha's friend Amber and my friend Julie with her son Brad.

Ieasha and Amber kept going off on there own as they like all the big fast rides and I don't do them. I did manage a few rides (smaller one) and against my better judgement went on the ghost train. I was terrified and Julie has bruising on her arm to show it, sorry Julie.

It was nice to spend time with Ieasha & Keenan because as they grow up they start to do there own thing and go out with there friends.

Sorry it's short but I am so tired.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I have made this wedding card for my Mum & Dad who are going to a wedding next week. I have just done a quick and easy card as it was short notice. I have used a Forever Friends decoupage and matted and layered. It is finished off with flower, pearl gems and a charm, I put the 3 hearts at the bottom to just finish off.

This is a card I made for a friend I have used the dufex make up decoupage and did an easel card. I have punched a boarder punch from the martha stuart range and put lace round to finish off.

So Janet 2 cards I have full filled my promise lol.

I would just like to share something that a friend who is very special to me said today. "It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about you, it's what you believe about yourself that matters." This is so true and something I will try to remember.
As they came from the last person I would have expected to say this they were more special. Thank you for those words, they meant a lot and you will always be special to me.

Sorry its short.

Thanks for reading
Lorraine xxx


Hello to all my readers. After a lot of thought and talking to friends and family (and nagging from Janet lol) I have decided to continue with my blog.

After a very difficult few months which I am not going to say anymore about as it is now in the past and I intend to move forward in a more positive frame of mind. I realised I had probably made a very hasty decision, so here I am back again.

I have just spent 5 days with my niece Catherine and her husband Eoin in London, I have been totally spoilt and well looked after.

I cannot believe how much we managed to do in the short time I was there, London Eye, Tower of London lots of museums and of course some shopping. Even found some fantastic craft shops which I spent hours browsing round. The highlight of my trip was to see The Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, I felt so important watching from a box and of course wine served at the interval.

This is a photograph of Catherine and I in our box with glass of wine. All in all I was very spoilt, we also visited some lovely restaurants. Just what I needed. I will never be able to thank you both enough for your kindness and generosity but most of all for believing in me that I could do London, although it did include a lot of black cabs lol.

Just a quick thank you to all my friends who have been very supportive over the past few months you all know who you are, so thank you xx

I am now going to make a card, got lots to do. Will hopefully blog it later.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx