Thursday, 30 September 2010


It seem ages since I have blogged and i have got a few cards to share, so will do them over the next few days.

This is the card that I made for my dad's 81st birthday which was last week. He loves his football and has been a life long Liverpool supporter, so this card was apt for him in the Liverpool colors.

Last year for his 80th birthday he and mum went a a cruise, something he has always wanted to do. They really enjoyed it and have been on two more since and another one booked.

I was sat earlier thinking about what a lot has happened in the year since his 80th birthday, and how my life has changed mostly due to my weight loss and being more confident (to which a big thank you goes to a very special person in my life), who I won't name as they would be so embarrassed.

Well back to crafting, be back either later or tomorrow with more cards.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx


  1. Yes, this year has seen a real change in your, in more ways than one. So pleased to hear your Mum and Dad are 'crusing' and having lots of them at that! x

  2. Lovely card wish him Happy Birthday, Ditto Sue but your dad will have to find a new team soon they're going to be Pants this year. nice to see you again, Janet

  3. Thanks for the comments, yes it has been a year of change, mostly good lol , I will wish him happy birthday Janet. xxx