Sunday, 5 September 2010


I don't usually make bereavement cards, but last night I lost a very special person in my life and felt I had to make a card.

Mary was a very special lady who was like my second mum, she supported me when I was having Lisa, when Bill died and many other occasions though out the last 38 years.

We both shared a love of reading and always swoped books as we read the same kind of books. Mary was also the first person to buy one of my cards and has always brought her cards from me, so it was only fitting that I made this card.

We used to spend lots of time chatting and laughing and putting the world to rights and loving to hear Caden's latest words of wisdom, how we use to laugh.

RIP you were a remarkable lady and will always be in my thoughts. As always when I left you here's a big hug and I love you loads. Will miss you like mad my very dear friend.

Lorraine xxx


  1. Sorry to hear bout your friend it's always sad for the lose of someone close, the card is very fitting, Janet

  2. thanks Janet, it is hard for those left behind. xx

  3. Thinking of you Lorraine......... x

  4. My thoughts are with you Lorraine and of your sad loss of a special friend xxx

  5. Thank you for your kind comments. xxx