Friday, 1 October 2010


I have made this wedding card for a friend. I have done the open book card to make it more special. I have used baby pink card and matted it with some lovely glitter vellum, (from the Hobby House, Tetney) which I got by accident and I am glad I did as it looks stunning. You do not get the full beauty of it in the photo. I used a old dufex image on one side and flowers from Orchid Crafts. I have decorated the insides with some bits and pieces I had of the dufex crafts. All finished off with pearls and a charm.

I finished off the card by making a box and decorating it with the same flowers as on the card.

I will be back tomorrow with another card, but I am having a day off crafting today and going out for lunch with Jane and meeting Julie and Jaime later for tea. All this food will have to be careful hat I eat lol.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx


  1. Oh it's gorgeous Lorraine!! Glad the vellum did the trick! hugs, Jane xxx

  2. you be careful praising your own card & having fun a body can only take so many surprises. This beautiful The velum looks lovely as does the Dufex & flowers, pearls & charm. Janet

  3. Thank you for your kind comments, it was lovely to see you on Tuesday Jane. I love the vellum will have to buy some more xxx

  4. Looks even better in the flesh, so to speak lololol xxxx

  5. thanks for popping on mine to see me thought I'd upset you Jane or Pol didn't say you was poorly, hope your feeling better & yes we'll catch up after I catch up with myself haha. Janet

  6. No Janet you could never upset me, your a valued and special friend. May be it slipped Jane & Poll's mind to tell you. Look forward to catching up. Take care xxx