Wednesday, 9 December 2009


This is my granddaughter Ieasha making her Christmas cards. We had a lovely evening last night, we had tea then settled down to make some card.

I am a very messy crafter as you can see from the table, Ieasha really gets annoyed with me as she cannot find anything and wonders how I manage to craft when everything is in a mess, but if I tidy up I cannot find anything. I am sure other people find this as well.

Ieasha is getting really good at card making and forgot to take photo's of her cards to share here, but she will be back again to make some so will share them then.

Sorry my blogs have not been very frequent lately but with Christmas shopping and making the cards it is a very busy time for everyone, but I will try to keep them more regular (just for you Jane).

Well I better go and make some more Christmas cards at least all my presents are now brought. Thanks for your help with this Jane it is very much appreciated.

Lorraine xxx


  1. Awwww what a lovely evening that must have been, she is a lovely girl - bet you had lots of laughs, thanks for your help today, love ya XXX

  2. You're welcome Lozza! Did Ieasha use the bowmaker ......cos you don't know how to!!!!! lol! Bring your lilac ribbon tomoz!!! xxxxxxxx

  3. thanks tracey ,yes we had lots of laughs, we are really close. Don't worry Jane the ribbon is all ready to bring lol xx

  4. How she has grown since I last saw her, time just flies. I'm pleased she's still into card making. Tell her Happy Birthday for me for Friday x

  5. gorg card 4a gorg girl love