Saturday, 19 December 2009


My grandchildren are now on count down to Christmas, I love it when children do count down in sleeps.

The magic of christmas is wonderful though childrens eyes, I missed it all when my daughter grew up but have now got it back through my grandchildren, don't want them to loose it.

I am going away for Christmas this year the first time I have done this, so have got mixed feelings about it. I am going to spend it with my friend Stuart in Brough not to far away though.

My ankle is not much better it is still swollen and painful and many different colours. I had to have another xray last night on the advise of the nurse at my GP's. Spent 2 hours in A&E but with the company of Jane & Jess it wasn't boring. Jane you have the most odd sense of humor and make me laugh so so much you are a tonic. And Jess thanks so much for taking me I know you don't like driving in the bad weather , but you were a star.

Hope you are all enjoying the snow

Lorraine xxx


  1. Thankyou for a lovely day today, I am sure you will have a fab time with Stuart and I agree Jane and Jess are both the best friends a girl could wish for, hoping your foot is all better for the party season XXX

  2. Aaah bless!! I keep tell!!!! What's odd about my sense of humour?????? I'll have you know I'm perfect lololololololol!!!! I had a lovely time at the party too!!!!!!! xxxxx

  3. I think I need to spell check and then recheck before I post a comment again lol xxx

  4. Christmas is a magical time for children, and having the children around make it a magical time for us too. Enjoy Lorraine! xxx