Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Just a quick blog, but I wanted to share that I have had a lovely day today at Pleasure Island. I took 2 of my grandchildren Ieasha& Keenan, Ieasha's friend Amber and my friend Julie with her son Brad.

Ieasha and Amber kept going off on there own as they like all the big fast rides and I don't do them. I did manage a few rides (smaller one) and against my better judgement went on the ghost train. I was terrified and Julie has bruising on her arm to show it, sorry Julie.

It was nice to spend time with Ieasha & Keenan because as they grow up they start to do there own thing and go out with there friends.

Sorry it's short but I am so tired.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx


  1. Keenan doesn't look to pleased mayb a big ride would have done him haha, gong to be a nannie oops sssshhhh it's a secret. woo hoo don't tell tony ha ha

  2. Congratulations janet, who is it? Don't worry won't tell anyone lol. Speak soon xx