Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I am sorry that I haven't got any cards to share tonight. I did have two to put on but accidentally deleted them from my camera and had already sent them.

The 1st one was one I made for Catherine & Eoin to thank them for the lovely time I had in London. I had found a print on a Joanna Sheen disc of the London Eye which was very appropriate. I did the background papers in dark and pale blue and add some flowers, which I had brought from a craft shop in London.

The second card was one I had made for my special friend Jane whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday Jane. Hope you have had a lovely day. I wanted to put some lovely flowers on that I had brought specially for the card, but I have lost them somewhere in my craft room. How you can lose a big box of flowers I will never know.

Also want to wish Ernie a very happy birthday too.

I have got lots of things going on at the minute some hopefully very exciting and will update you all as they take shape and start happening, which will hopefully be very soon.

I am hopefully going to have a full day in my craft room tomorrow so should have some cards to share with you then.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx

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