Thursday, 26 August 2010


As promised last night I have got two cards to share with you today. The first card is one I made for my friend. This card looks really pretty in real life. I just love the pale pinks and the image. I haven't put any charm's on just a bow and on the tag I have put the girls name.

This second card is for the same little girl. I have used an image kindly lent to me by Janet, and the painting was done by Jane who helped me out when I was really busy. Thank you to you both. I have used bits of backing paper that was left over from a larger sheet. I have added a charm and a flower just to finish it off.

I feel like I have had a very creative morning making these two card and a cake. I am trying really hard to get to my target with my diet and have not got far to go.
The cake I have made is a strawberry roulade and is really yummy. The good news is you can eat the whole cake on the slimming world diet as it it only 1/2 a synn in the cake. I haven't managed to eat a whole cake to myself yet lol.

I just want to share something which my grandson Keenan said to me last week. WE were at Pleasure Island and he said "Nanna you are the coolest Nanna ever", when I asked why, he said "because you have a computer, go on facebook, have the best mobile ever wear jeans. Thank you for that Keenan you made me feel fantastic, love you.

Well better get back to crafting whilst still got ideas buzzing round in my head.

Thank you for reading

Lorraine xxx


  1. Aw I just LOVE what Keenan said, that is a big compliment. Just read your face book and then popped on to your blog. You certainly have been busy, housework too????????? lol x

  2. Thanks Sue, it meant a lot what Keenan said cause he doesn't usually say much. Don't be fooled it wasn't much housework but I did do a bit so worth mentioning lol xxx

  3. these are lovely cards Loz didn't Jane do a good job with her painting( think she'll do my landing haha), thats a rather nice charm. Janet

  4. Thanks Janet, the charm is from the Hobby House. I wanted something different for a little girl, as you know I am addicted to charms xxx