Saturday, 13 February 2010


The above photo is of a few of us at Tracey's surprise party that we had today. It was a lovely day and I am sure everyone who attended enjoyed it.

It has been so much fun organising it and sneaking around, but Nicki and myself have found it very hard not to say anything. All through the organising I have met many new people through trying to get to as many classes as I could. I thought Tracey might get suspicious as I was popping in most days, but she said she just thought I was lonely lol.

It was really nice that Tracy's children came to the party but a shame that Neil was working. Anne you should have fetched Maurice, he did a wonderful job with the decorations and a good job he had the bluetak.

It was a pleasure to organise this for you Tracey you give so much to everyone, it was nice to do something for you. You only get back what you put in and you certainly do put a lot into everything.

Will blog more tomorrow.

Lorraine xxx


  1. You and Nicki did a great job with Traceys Birthday party....I agree with your words you get back what you put in, and Tracey certainly puts lots in...It has been a pleasure meeting you and the other ladies, hope we meet lots more times. roll on the next party!!! whos turn is it next. lol....

  2. I have made sme lovely friends through the shop and fully intend inkeep them, think its Anitas next xx

  3. woo hoo well done you & nicki, I bet Tracey is now wondering what Neil has been up to for tomorrow haha she certainly seemed to enjoy it & so well deserved

  4. Fantastic party Lorraine, bummed that I missed the start as Tracey's face must of been a picture btw did anyone get that shot???

    And again I fully agree with what you say, Tracey puts her heart and soul into the shop and tries ever so hard to please everyone, which I think she does!!!!


  5. Awwwwww thankyou all so much ,I cannot say how much I appreciate all the hard work you all put in, I can only imagine the logistics of organising such a party and all in secret, BTW dad was exhausted bless him, bet he spends most of today sleeping, thanks again, love you lozza XXX