Friday, 19 February 2010


Just a quick blog, I took my granddaughter Ieasha with me to RWS group this afternoon and this is the card she made.

She has never painted with distress inks before so thought it is very good for a first attempt. Ieasha has asked me to thank Tracey for letting her come to the group and to Margaret for the gems which she put on the card.

Well done Ieasha and I had a lovely afternoon.

Lorraine xxx


  1. A great attempt its as good as my painting Leasha. Your nearly as good as your gran.
    See you tomorrow Lorraine. xx

  2. Awwww this is beautiful Ieasha - you are very talented, thankyou for being so good in my shop today, you are an angel, Lorraine - you have taught her well honey XXX

  3. a beautiful card. well done, a clever girl, just like grandma..I am enjoying doing my paintings, thanks for letting me use your stamps, will show you the results next friday, if they are any good....take care, will chat at the week-end.xx

  4. Wow she did a really good job, tell her i said wow & think she is doing better than me.Janet

  5. Aaaah bless, it's a gorgeous card, lovely colours too, tell Ish she's so clever...amd for her first go at painting....WOW!!!!! Think we all might have some competition lol xxx

  6. WOW, didn't she do a fantastic job, OOOH cringing remembering my first effort!!!

    Thanks for the paper today!!!!