Sunday, 14 March 2010


I would just like to wish all the mum's out there a very happy mother's day.

I have had a lovely day, my daughter and grandchildren got me some lovely cards and a gift voucher so I can spoil myself. My very special friend ( who is like my second daughter) made me the most beautiful card, I will share it with you all tomorrow. Thank you Nicki it means so much to me. When I opened it I had a lump in my throat, it was so thoughtful. I would be very proud to have you has a daughter.

My mum and dad then turned up with a big bunch of flower's and a large punnet of grapes, anyone who knows me no's I'm a BIG fruit addict.

Thanks to you all for making my day very special. I love you all.

Thanks for reading

Lorraine xxx


  1. are u not one of the banana bunch, Happy Mothers day from me to you

  2. thanks Janet, hope you had a good day too x

  3. you are welcome. glad you had a lovely day.xx

  4. HI seems to be a problem leaving a comment on Nicki's card, just letting you know & the card is lovely