Wednesday, 25 November 2009


This is a very rare photo of me and my daughter Lisa. I cannot remember when we last had a photo taken together. I was totally banned from putting this photo on face book so thought I would share it here instead.
Lisa joined us on our night out but managed to stay out of the photo's,.
I have been making cards, had a break from Christmas and now doing some birthday cards which I will share with you later
Lorraine xxx


  1. Two beautiful ladies, thanks for sharing XXX

  2. Hi Lorraine, great to see you blogging. It's a great way to showcase your lovely cards and photo's. It is rare to get photo's together, so treasure it, it's lovely. Look forward to being a follower. At least I understand blogging a little bit more than I do facebook lol. x

  3. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Sue I'm not sure I undrstand blogging but I am enjoying it and learning as I go along xx

  4. I'm still learning Lorraine. I still struggle leaving links to other blogs. If it wasn't for Tracey I'd still not know how to load a photo, but we all have to learn. Take care. x